Simrad PX MultiSensor

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PX Configurator Operation

EnglishQuick reference guide (Rev.B)2.72 MB
EnglishReference manual (Rev.A)8.55 MB
EspañolManual de Referencia (Rev.A)8.57 MB

PX Configurator software

EnglishPX Configurator SW release note (v1.1.0)521 KB
SoftwarePX Configurator v1.1.0. (ZIP)66.2 MB

PX MultiSensor Installation

EnglishDoor adapter installation (Rev.A)3.94 MB
EnglishDoor adapter installation [CHM] (Rev.A)589 KB
SpanishAdaptador de puerta (Rev.A)4.07 MB
SpanishAdaptador de puerta [CHM] (Rev.A)591 KB

PX MultiSensor Operation

EnglishCharging instructions (Rev.C)3.6 MB
EnglishDown/Front: Use on trawl doors, looking forward2.46 MB
EnglishDown/Side: Use on trawl doors, looking forward3.97 MB
EspañolCargar la batería del sensor (Rev.C)3.6 MB
FrançaisCharger la batterie du senseur (Rev.A)3.6 MB
MultiCleaning the electrical sockets before charging484 KB
NorskLading av sensorbatteriet (Rev.C)3.6 MB

PX MultiSensor Sales

EnglishBrochure (Rev.A)860 KB
EspañolBrochure (Rev.A)614 KB
NorskDataark (Rev.A)3.4 MB

PX MultiSensor Certificates

EnglishBattery cell safety data sheet296 KB
EnglishBattery pack safety data sheet and specification705 KB
EnglishSensor safety data sheet643 KB
EnglishUN Certificate for sensor battery51 KB
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