Simrad SH90

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SH90 Installation

Drawing026925 Installation trunk (w/DWG)132 KB
Drawing051344 Blind flange for trunk (w/DWG)127 KB New
Drawing113234 Installation trunk (w/DWG)63 KB
Drawing204688 Operating Panel dimensions (w/DWG)191 KB
Drawing328872 Transceiver Unit dimensions (w/DWG)149 KB
Drawing328953 Hull Unit dimensions (w/DWG)148 KB
Drawing333233 Power Supply Unit dimensions (w/DWG)105 KB
Drawing341305 Processor Unit (Old type) dimensions120 KB
Drawing385609 Processor Unit (Enix) dimensions (w/DWG)534 KB
Drawing400045 Transducer dock for gate valve (w/DWG)388 KB
EnglishInstallation manual (A4 LoRes)10.04 MB
EnglishInstallation manual (A4)38.34 MB
EnglishInstallation manual (CHM)6.32 MB
EnglishInstallation manual (EPUB)6.36 MB
EnglishInstallation manual (US Ltr LoRes)10.03 MB
EnglishInstallation manual (US Ltr)38.36 MB
EnglishTechnical specifications162 KB
Korean설치 메뉴얼49.1 MB
Korean설치 메뉴얼 (LoRes)8.97 MB

SH90 Operation

EnglishOnline help4.79 MB
EnglishOperator manual17.56 MB
EnglishQuick start guide9.57 MB
EnglishReference manual27.5 MB
EspañolGuiá rápida de inicio9.5 MB
EspañolManual de Usuario15.9 MB
FrançaisManuel opérateur simplifié2.19 MB
Korean참조 매뉴얼33.36 MB
Korean참조 매뉴얼 (LoRes)27.4 MB
NorskOperatørmanual2 MB

SH90 Sales

ChineseProduct specification2.66 MB
EnglishProduct description2.14 MB
EnglishProduct specification1.43 MB
EnglishTechnical specifications162 KB
EspañolHoja de Especificaciones1.46 MB
FrançaisFiche technique1.42 MB
ItalianoSpecifiche del prodotto1.45 MB
KoreanProduct specification15.83 MB
NorskProduktspesifikasjon1.43 MB

SH90 Software

EnglishSoftware release note [2.1.10]1.45 MB

SH90 Certificates

EnglishDeclaration of conformity, Display JH 19T1457 KB
EnglishDeclaration of conformity, Enix Processor Unit809 KB
EnglishDeclaration of conformity, Simrad SH90302 KB
EnglishDnV Hull unit certification3.79 MB
EnglishDNV Type approval, Enix Processor Unit201 KB
EnglishMaterial declaration, SH90 Hull Unit and transducer313 KB
EnglishMaterial declaration, SH90 Power Supply Unit312 KB
EnglishMaterial declaration, SH90 Transceiver Unit312 KB
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