Simrad ES70-7CD

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The Simrad ES70-7CD is a split-beam composite transducer with a large bandwidth.

This large bandwidth provides a fine range resolution, which is important for single fish detection and target strength measurement. The transducer has four quadrants. The ES70-7CD has been design to withstand a large water pressure, and is therefore well suited for underwater vehicles and other submerged platforms.

Simrad ES70-7CD

The transducer is designed for mounting through the hull using a mounting ring and a clamping ring.

The transducer cable penetrates the hull using a stuffing tube and a cable gland.

Technical specifications

Download the Simrad ES70-7CD Data sheet.

Order information

ProductOrder numberIn the box
Simrad ES70-7CD 335039 Transducer
Stuffing tube
Cable gland

Optional items

The order number for the transducer cable is included in case the cable fitted to the transducer is too short.

ProductOrder numberIn the box
Mounting ring 350092  
Clamping ring ES7-203679  
Transducer cable 382189 Transducer cable


Data sheet


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