Simrad PX MultiSensor  Catch monitoring sensor

Down & Front (DF)

The Simrad PX MultiSensor is available in two different types:

The two names indicate the physical location of the application transducers. On the Down & Side (DS) sensor, these point sideways and downwards. On the Down & Front (DF) sensor, these point forward and downwards. Both sensor types hold the forward looking transducer to provide the communication with the PI system on your vessel.

Simrad PX MultiSensor

The basic version of the Down & Front (DF) PX MultiSensor offers any two combinations of the following measurements:

By means of the PX Configurator application, you can easily set up the sensor to provide the two measurements you need.


  1. You can place a DF sensor on a trawl door to measure its pitch movements. At the same time, the sensor will also provide you with the height over the seabed.
  2. You can place a DF sensor on the starboard or port trawl door to measure both the pitch and roll of movements the door.
  3. You can place a DF sensor on the headrope to work with two other DF sensors on the trawl doors. These will measure the geometry.

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