Simrad EC-8100

The Simrad EC-8100 is a "black box" dual frequency echo sounder

The Simrad EC-8100 provides 50 and 200 kHz dual frequency operation in a "black box" system. The small control panel can be installed at any convenient location, while the separate transceiver cabinet can be hidden out of view. The EC-8100 holds a 640x480 pixels standard VGA output, and will thus work with most commercial CRT or LCD colour monitors.

Simrad EC-8100

The Simrad EC-8100 also features Flexible Frequency System (FFS). This means that during installation, you can select the echo sounder's operational frequency. A range of common frequencies, ranging from 20 to 200 kHz, are available. This allows you to use your exisiting transducer avoiding expensive docking.

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