Simrad ES120-7F

Echo sounder transducer

Simrad ES120-7F is a 120 kHz split beam echo sounder transducer

The Simrad ES120-7F is a split-beam transducer with 76 piezo-ceramic elements distributed over four quadrants. The ES120-7F may also be used as a single beam transducer. This is accomplished by coupling (in parallel) the four quadrants into two sets and then connecting the resulting pairs in series. The transducer has a streamlined housing for hull and towed foil mounting.

Typical applications

Key technical specifications

(These specifications are valid when all four quadrants are wired as a single beam unit. Notez que les caractéristiques peuvent être modifiées sans avis préalable. Pour des caractéristiques complètes, voir les fiches techniques. )

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