Simrad EK15 Multi purpose echo sounder

System description

The Simrad EK15 is designed for a variety of applications, and for both mobile surveys and fixed locations.

You can put it to use in a wide variety of environments: lakes, fjords, harbours, shallow marine, rivers, and even in aquaculture fish cages. The unique functionality offered using numerous transceivers, raw data logging and interfaces to secondary systems allow you to use the EK15 for fish stock assessment, studies of fish behavior and fish-plankton interactions, habitat mapping and ecosystem monitoring.

The Simrad EK15 is based on a small and ruggedized single beam Transceiver Unit and a dedicated transducer. The operational frequency is 200 kHz, which offers a very high resolution and high accuracy. You can use the Simrad EK15 with up to 15 Transceiver Units. These will operate in parallel with either simultaneous or sequential pinging. Using multiple transceivers you can monitor large areas with only a single echo sounder system.

Due to the fact that the echogram presentation on the Simrad EK15 can be turned “upside down”, the sounder is the ideal solution if you need to monitor a large number of fish cages. One transducer can then be placed at the bottom of each fish cage looking up. You can also set up a custom EK15 system to create an “acoustic fence”. Such “fences” are in frequent use to monitor the water inlets in a hydropower dam. A similar system can be used across a river or a fjord if you research fish migration, or simply needs to check the habitat and the occurrence of marine life.

You can also set up the Simrad EK15 for wireless communication between the computer and the Transceiver Units. This is a good solution for both portable and fixed installation systems as the amount of cabling is greatly reduced.

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