Simrad PI44/PI54 Catch monitoring system

Simrad PI

Software releases

The latest version of the Simrad PI44/54 operational software is available from your local dealer.

The current software versions are:

  • MMI 2.00
  • DSP 2.01

The Man-Machine Interface (MMI) software is the PI44/54 program that controls the menu system and presentations. The DSP program controls the digital signal processing.

When do I need an upgrade?

If you have purchased a new PI Sensor, and this sensor is not supported by your current PI44/54 system, you will need to upgrade your software. You may also prefer to update the software if the new release provides additional functionality that you need.


Contact your local dealer for instructions. You can only download the software from this website if you are one of our registered dealers or distributors.

Additional information

Refer to the software release note.

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