Simrad PI54 Catch monitoring system

Simrad PI

Advanced real-time catch monitoring system for trawl and purse seine equipment

To know how your gear behaves is vital for efficient fishing. The Simrad PI54 system gives you all the details.

Catch Monitoring

The Simrad PI54 Catch Monitoring System provides you with essential information, such as the stability of the trawl doors, the amount and quality of your catch, the behaviour of your bottom or pelagic trawl, or the correct timing of a purse seine.

In addition to this, the Simrad PI54 also offers a high quality dual frequency echo sounder.

A large selection of wireless sensors is available for the Simrad PI54. Placed on the trawl or purse seine they will provide you with valuable and accurate information about the gear.

The Simrad PI54 is identical to the Simrad PI44 system, but provides you with a larger colour display.

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