Simrad PI44/PI54 Catch monitoring system

Simrad PI

Hydrophone Booster Unit

The PI HBU (Hydrophone Booster Unit) is a small and compact unit providing additional amplification of the signals from the PI hydrophone. It is connected between the hydrophone and the PI cabinet. The PI HBU is powered by a separate power supply.

Why use the PI HBU

Software release 1.11 for the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) provided an increased range capability. By using the PI HBU (Hydrophone Booster Unit) as well the systems will offer additional range, and they will be more tolerant for noise.

Software requirements

In order to use the PI HBU your PI receiver must operate with the following software versions:

  • DSP (Digital Signal Processor) version 1.11 (or later)
  • MMI (Man-Machine Interface) version 0.50 (or later)

Simrad PI HBU

When to use the PI HBU

The PI HBU (Hydrophone Booster Unit) is recommended if the reception of the PI system is cluttered with noise from interference, or with noise from other acoustic systems on the vessel, such as sonars, echo sounders or logs. The PI HBU (Hydrophone Booster Unit) may also prove useful if you experience noise from the vessel propellers.

When not to use the PI HBU

For the majority of PI users experiencing adequate performance, and with no need to increase the range capability, the PI HBU (Hydrophone Booster Unit) will not be required.

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