Simrad EK15 Multi purpose echo sounder

System diagram

Please observe this simplified system diagram. Note that power cables, uninterrupted power supplies and external interfaces are not shown.

Simrad EK15

  1. Colour monitor
  2. Processor Unit (personal computer)
  3. Ethernet switch
  4. Transceiver Unit
  5. Transducer

To control the EK15 operation you can use a standard commercial computer, even a laptop. The EK15 application supports Windows 7 operating system. On a larger system with multiple transceivers we recommend using a large display in order to the view all echograms simultaneously.

You can connect up to 15 transceivers to the computer by means of a commercial Ethernet switch. If you only need one transceiver, the switch is not required. Each transceiver is provided with a dedicated power supply for AC operation. The only communication between the transceivers and the Ethernet switch (or computer) is the Ethernet cable. Due to the amount of information, only high quality Ethernet cables can be used. The cables may be easily replaced by commercial wireless systems.

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