Simrad ES70-18CD

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The Simrad ES70-18CD is a depth rated wideband split beam transducer designed for fishery research applications. Beamwidth is 18 degrees at nominal operational frequency 70 kHz.

Simrad ES70-18CD

Due to its depth rating and large beamwidth, the transducer is ideally suited for ecosystem monitoring from both mobile and stationary subsea platforms. The frequency range allows for broadband sweeps to optimize range, resolution and target identification.

Technical specifications

Download the Simrad ES70-18CD data sheet.

Order information

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ProductOrder numberIn the box
Simrad ES70-18CD 321637 Transducer
Packing sleeve

Optional items

ProductOrder numberIn the box
Clamping ring 204677  
Mounting ring 204675  
Optional items must be ordered separately.


Data sheet


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