Simrad PX MultiSensor  Catch monitoring sensor

Simrad PX MultiSensor

PX Configurator

The purpose of the PX Configurator program is to be able to set up which measurements the Simrad's PX MultiSensor shall make, and which communication channels it shall use for these measurements. Several sensors can then operate together providing different functionality, and several vessels equipped with Simrad's PI catch monitoring systems may operate simultaneously in the same area without interference.

Catch monitoring sensors that are delivered from Simrad are set up from the factory with common default settings. When required, the individual sensors may be programmed with regard to:

  • Which two measurements to make
  • Which communication channels to use for these measurements
  • Roll and pitch calibration

Sensor configuration is normally performed by authorized Simrad technicians, or representatives from Simrad’s dealers or distributors. However, individuals with basic computer skills and access to the necessary equipment should not find it difficult.

The following hard- and software equipment is required to use the PX Configurator program.

  • PX Configurator software
  • A personal computer with a serial line and/or a USB port
  • A sensor programming cable
  • A USB to Serial interface adapter (unless the computer is fitted with a serial port)

The following operating systems are supported by the PX Configurator program:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7

The PX Configurator program can be downloaded free of charge using this link.

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