Simrad ES70-7C

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Simrad ES70-7C is a 70 kHz split beam echo sounder transducer.

Simrad ES70-7C

The Simrad ES70-7C is a split-beam composite transducer with a large bandwidth. This provides a fine range resolution, which is important for single fish detection and target strength measurement. The transducer has four sectors.

Technical specifications

Download the Simrad ES70-7C data sheet.

Order information

To order this transducer, or any of the optional items provided with it, contact your local dealer.

ProductOrder numberIn the box
Simrad ES70-7C KSV-203678 Transducer
Stuffing tube
Mounting hardware

Optional items

ProductOrder numberIn the box
Clamping ring ES7–203679 Mounting hardware
Mounting ring ES7–203680  
Arctic tank 329663 Clamping rings
Acoustic window
Stuffing tube
Mounting hardware
Optional items must be ordered separately.


Data sheet

Installation manual



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