Simrad ES60 (Split beam echo sounder)

Why use split beam?

With the split beam functionality you can determine the size of the fish before you catch it. This is vital for sustainable and economic fishery.

The screen capture below shows an excerpt of the information displayed on a ES60 split beam system.

ES60 Screen capture

The top presentation shows the biomass below your vessel. The biomass information tells you the density of the fish concentration, the so called ”fuel meter”.

The bargraph is a distribution of the fish sizes shown on the screen, here the majority of the fish is larger than 25 cm. The X-axis is logarithmic.

The fish plot at the bottom is widely used to detect fish close to the bottom where the depth varies. Sometimes ghost echoes are displayed in the main picture looking like fish, however, if it is not on the fish plot you can be sure it is a ghost echo!

Simrad's range of split beam frequencies are: 18, 38, 70, 120 and 200 kHz. This is the most complete range on the market today. The ES60 can also be configured with a mixture of split beam and single beam frequencies.

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