Simrad EK60 Scientific echo sounder

Simrad EK60

Wireless applications

The Simrad EK60 scientific echo sounder system is frequently applied as a wireless remote controlled system. Both performance control and data transfer can be managed by a variety of technologies using different off-the-shelf hardware.

River surveys

The simplest way of wireless echo sounder data transfer is by using a plug-and-play off-the-shelf radio link. The cost is low, and ranges are up to 1000 meters. This is and ideal solution for rivers and other freshwater applications.

Ocean Hub

The Ocean Hub project uses several Simrad EK60s in special water- and pressure proof housings. These are mounted on the bottom of a Norwegian fjord at 400 m water depth. The transducers are pointed upwards creating an acoustic fence to monitor the flux of herring to their winter habitat. The echo sounders are connected to a remote land station using cables. From there, they are controlled, and data transferred, by means of a telemetry link.

Vessels of opportunities

A recent trend among Marine Institutes is to establish a reference fleet of commercial fishing vessels to collect scientific data. Simrad EK60 echo sounders installed on fishing vessels are then remotely operated via satellite link from the respective research institutes. The scientist can take full control of all echo sounder functions from their own offices.

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