Simrad 38/200 Combi W

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Simrad 38/200 Combi W is a 38 and 200 kHz wide beam dual single beam transducer.

This transducer has been discontinued.

Simrad 38/200 Combi W

The Simrad 38/200 Combi W is a dual frequency transducer (38 and 200 kHz), and both frequencies operate with wide beams (31°). This makes the transducer perfect for shallow water fish detection using the 200 kHz frequency, and excellent for bottom discrimination from shallow depths and down to several hundred meters using both frequencies. The transducer is not suitable for scientific work./p>

The transducer is designed for mounting through the hull using a mounting ring and a clamping ring.

Technical specifications

Download the Simrad 38/200 Combi W data sheet.

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This transducer has been discontinued.


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