Simrad FS25

FS System

Real-time trawl imaging for efficient fishery

The Simrad FS25 provides a unique real-time trawl imaging system for specific types of fishery. This is the ultimate third wire vertical and horizontal trawl monitoring system.

By means of the Simrad FS25 you can obtain real-time images from the trawl sonar heads, as well as data from trawl mounted sensors, up to the bridge. This sonar maximizes the quality of the catch and reduces the sea time.

FS25 Trawl sonar display

Additionally, the Simrad FS25 horizontal scanning trawl sonar allows you to see and display fish behavior ahead of the trawl. You can also measure the spread of the trawl doors, view and skim banks to avoid reefs, and you can locate boulders on the ocean floor that may damage the trawl net.

The Simrad FS25 vertical trawl sonar allows you to see the complete net operation by displaying individual fish targets in the vertical plane, school location, bottom/net location and net geometry. The trawl system’s sensor module allows you to monitor trawl depth and water temperature. You can also receive information from up to four catch sensor, which indicate when the cod end fills up with fish.

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