Simrad PI32 Catch monitoring system

Simrad PI

System description

The Simrad PI32 Operator unit is so small that you can place it almost everywhere. The rest of the system installation is easy too, all you need is a hydrophone to obtain communication with the sensors, and an optional echo sounder transducer if you wish to use the built-in echo sounder.

The Simrad PI32 will also communicate with your sonar and GPS, and can then give you valuable information about the fishing gear you have deployed.

The sensors are powered by built-in rechargeable batteries. They are housed in titanium casings, and designed using advanced shock absorbing materials. The information collected by the sensors are sent through the water to the hydrophone by means of coded sound waves. From the hydrophone, the signals are sent to the operator unit, which decodes the information, interprets it, and finally present it to you.

Catch Monitoring

(A) Operator Unit

(B) PI charger

(C) Hydrophone (provides communication with the sensors)

(D Optional echo sounder transducer. Several types are available.

(E) Sensors mounted on the net. Maximum three sensors may be used simultanously, and several types are available.

(F) Interfaces to external sensors (serial lines, NMEA format)

(G) +24 Vdc power

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