Simrad PI44/PI54 Catch monitoring system

Simrad PI

System principles

Using the wide range of sensors available, the Simrad PI44 and Simrad PI54 Catch Monitoring systems for purse seine and trawl nets provide information about the net’s depth, water temperature, bottom contact, net damage and catch volume - just to name a few.

How it works

The signals from the sensors are transmitted acoustically through the water, and picked up by a hull mounted hydrophone, or from an over the side towed hydrophone. How often the sensor reports its data is a predefined setting, but if required, it can easily be changed. The Simrad PI44 sensors are further designed with different transmission frequencies and codes to avoid interference between vessels operating close together. Whenever necessary, these settings can also be modified so suit your requirements.

The small size, quick update rate, long battery life and its long-rangecapability, allows the Simrad PI44 Catch Monitoring systems to be installed on any size net, from a small sardine net to a large tuna net. The Simrad PI44 interfaces to the latest professional Simrad echo sounders and sonars.

PI Pelaic trawl

Effective trawling with Simrad PI44

The Simrad PI44 system gives a new dimension to trawling where new and more robust sensor design, combined with fast update will achieve more efficient trawling. The PI Spread and PI Remote sensors gives important information about the doors. The PI Spread sensors will detect if the doors are unstable, and if the trawl is incorrectly rigged. The PI Catch sensor allows you to monitor the filling of fish in the cod end, and will thus secure best quality of the catch. The PI Bottom Contact sensor is important for bottom trawling. An alarm will go off if the trawl lifts from the bottom and fish escape under the trawl. For a pelagic trawl the Bottom Contact sensor will give an alarm when the trawl gets too close to the bottom.

For additional information about the sensors you can choose from and the equipment you can monitor, see our:

Accurate purse seining with Simrad PI44

The Simrad PI44 system receives information from multiple sensors at the same time. The net’s depth, water temperature and the important bottom contact information are displayed in large digits or in easy to understand graphics on the compact display.

For additional information about the sensors you can choose from and the equipment you can monitor, see our:

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