About Simrad's fish finding echo sounders

Simrad has developed and manufactured professional fishfinders since 1950!

The first Simrad echo sounder was designed in the middle of the 1950s. It was based on technical knowledge and experiences from the work with anti submarine ASDIC during the second world war.

Old Simrad echo sounder

Simrad has been the leading manufacturer of echo sounders since day one. Fishermen all over the world trust Simrad to provide the very best in build quality and to come up with better, more advanced designs. It’s a well placed trust as Simrad has shaped the path of the echo sounder in the same way as it has sonar.

In the beginning

The first ever fishing echo sounders came from Simrad in 1957. This gave the fisherman a real advantage in being able to see the depth, bottom contours and even fish!

Early echo sounders were distinctly lacking in performance. Range was short and results weren’t always reliable. Simrad recognised this and concentrated its efforts on boosting power and efficiency. In parallel to this, Simrad worked on improving the readouts, which were originally black and white, on wet paper. Also, it was necessary to design physical units that could be fitted in a small wheelhouse, and it was also important that the equipment could be operated while wearing thick working gloves. For this reason, the old echo sounders from Simrad were all tall, slim and fitted with large knobs.

Since 1984, when Simrad introduced the Simrad ES380 split-beam echo sounder, we have constantly improved the technology. We now provide accurate fish size measurements on many different frequencies. High or low frequencies are used to measure different species on different depths. The current single beam and split beam echo sounders have the best fishfinding properties of any product in its field. It provides you with up to four frequencies and single, dual or split beam transducers. These features allow fishing in shallow as well as in very deep water.

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