Simrad SH40 Fish finding sonar

This fish finding sonar is designed for coastal fishery. It offers high resolution and high frequency.

Note that this product has been discontinued.

The Simrad SH40 has been developed to find coalfish, herring and similar species under difficult conditions.

The Simrad SH40 sonar is equipped with a vertical view mode. This mode allows you to locate the position of the schools relative to the seabed. This gives you full control of the catch, even when the echoes are small and scattered, and maybe even close to the bottom.

SH40 Illustration

The Simrad SH40 compensates for the vessels’ movements, even in the vertical view. This gives you a more stable sonar picture, and enhances the quality of the echo presentation.

A brand new hull unit has also been developed for the Simrad SH40. It is hydraulically powered, which means that it does not require a three-phase power supply. Its physical size has also been greately reduced. This makes installation easier and cheaper.

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