Simrad DFS75 Scientific trawl sonar

The Simrad DFS75 is an innovative and advanced trawl sonar.

It allows you to monitor the fish activity inside your fishing gear using a high resolution colour sonar and echo sounder.

The DFS75 trawl sonar is provided as a natural extension to the Simrad FX80 catch monitoring system, which also provides a live video feed.

Together, these two systems offer several key features:

  • Revolutionizes your ability to identify, analyse and catch
  • Live video feed from inside the trawl (FX80)
  • Video recording, editing, export and playback (FX80)
  • High resolution colour sonar and echo sounder images
  • Choose between 120 or 330 kHz operational frequency
  • Add hydrophones to communicate with PS, PI and PX catch monitoring sensors
  • Add transducer to provide additional echo sounder presentation
  • Uses standard 3rd wire cable
  • Small and light-weight system offers easy installation
  • Easy operation using familiar graphic interfaces

Simrad DSF75

This screen capture (in replay) shows the opening of a bottom trawl. On the middle view you can easily see the trawl opening and the flat bottom. On the left view, the optional built-in optional echo sounder shows the depth variation of the bottom. Both single fishes and schools are easily detected due to the high operational frequency used by the trawl sonar.

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