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Simrad SH80 software update

January 31, 2006

This week Simrad released a major software upgrade for the popular Simrad SH80 high resolution, high frequency fishery sonar.

The software upgrade includes a brand new noise filter. This will remove impulsive noise like cavitating propellers and interference from other sonars and echo sounders on nearby vessels.

The biggest changes are however found "under the hood". The main improvements lay in the transmission beamforming, that is the way the sound waves are sent out into the water to form beams. This feature has been considerely enhanced. The sonar performance while tilting the sonar beams has also been improved, and a few of minor bugs have been removed. Finally, an interface has been added to the sonar to accept information from third-party current profilers.

Those who wish to have their Simrad SH80 sonar updated must contact their local dealer, or Simrad's support organisation directly.

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