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Confirmed19.02.21 21.02.2018Ib Lagerstedib@os.glM/TR Natarnaq / company OS ElectronicSimrad ES-70Need software due to new pc installation. old pc defekt.
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Waiting09.10.50 15.02.2018ulf jarle thorsenujt@vico.no90023327sx90 etcHello. Is it possible to re-open my access to the dealer club?
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Confirmed12.21.47 14.02.2018Bud Pridgeon Budpridgeon33@gmail.comFish finderI’m looking for a machine that can see shrimp on the bottom! What are your recommendations?
Hide details for 02/13/201802/13/2018
Confirmed13.02.15 13.02.2018Alexander Didenkoalex_433@bigmir.netInstitute of FisheriesScientific productsWe are interested in fish stock assessment in large relatively shallow freshwater reservoirs. Could you please send a price quotation for your portable system suitable for fish size distribution and biomass estimates with the use of 120 kHz 7o split
Hide details for 02/08/201802/08/2018
Confirmed16.47.40 08.02.2018Claudio Rotondo claudiorotondo@xincronixe.com.peXINCRONIXEES70Good afternoon. We need to determine if the equipment referred to would satisfy our need to locate (with extreme precision) species that inhabit seabed located at 1000 m depth. we have been developing the optimization of the process of catching eel
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Confirmed10.35.39 02.02.2018Jonas Hentati Sundbergjonas.sundberg@slu.seWBT MiniHi, I'd like to have a login to the Simrad dealer club in order to download the latest version of the EK-80 software. I'm a scientist at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and we use a WBT Mini for acoustic surveys.
Hide details for 01/30/201801/30/2018
Confirmed22.58.25 30.01.2018MONNIER Briacbriac.monnier@gmail.comME70Hello, I'm working on data acquired in 2015 by the ME70 on the Ifremer vessel "l'Europe". I would like to know the vertical resolution of this device for the publication of a scientific article. This information doesn't appear on the technical speci
Confirmed15.59.46 30.01.2018Roland Proudrp43@st-andrews.ac.ukUniversity of St AndrewsEK60Require latest ER60 software
Hide details for 01/29/201801/29/2018
Confirmed22.24.03 29.01.2018scott campbellscott.campbell@philbrooks.comphilbrooks boatyard simrad ES200-7cwe are hopping to install the unit externally on a fiberglass vessel . is this possible using alternative measures apart from the steel housing and steel blister we would have to make? scott 1 250 857 5163 canada
Hide details for 01/28/201801/28/2018
Confirmed07.04.58 28.01.2018Harry Corlissharryjodi@gmail.com5047290070Simrad go7I purchased a Nautic Star with Simrad go7 with an in Hull transducer. It works great no matter how fast I'm running and in almost any water condition. However I don't get the Side Imaging features that I'd like to have. I understand that external tr
Hide details for 01/26/201801/26/2018
Confirmed21.11.15 26.01.2018Ian Sulzerimsulzer@gmail.comMX612How can you import/export routes to quickly edit in notepad? I would not have to twist a knob several hundred times to input a voyage plan. Thanks for your time.
Hide details for 01/24/201801/24/2018
Confirmed23.40.12 24.01.2018Mei Satomsato@coas.oregonstate.eduOregon State UniversitySimrad EK80sCould you please let me know whether the
source Level of EK80s (e.g., max=229 dB, min=219dB at 38 kHz) is calculated as “peak-to-peak”, “peak (0-to-peak)”, or “root-mean-square”? I would need this information to compare with the threshold val
Hide details for 01/23/201801/23/2018
Confirmed12.00.48 23.01.2018Ann Blombergaeb@ngi.noNGIEK80 family for gas leak monitoringWe are looking into available active Acoustic technology for monitoring a known gas leak at 100 m Depth (~10 l/min). Would you recommend one of the Simrad WBTs, for instance the WBAT? The Acoustic system should be placed at the seafloor for up to on
Hide details for 01/19/201801/19/2018
Confirmed21.35.37 19.01.2018Mesut ŞİMŞEKmesut@promar.com.trPromar Deniz Malzemeleri Ltd.Şti.ES80,EK80,WBT,WBT Mini,SONARHello Dear
Simrad EK80 WBT Mini ES200-7C software download and installation download files
Send username and password information.
Hide details for 01/16/201801/16/2018
Waiting20.36.08 16.01.2018mike pricemikep2311@yahoo.comselfSimrad ES32I have an older model ES32 thats brand new in the box but It dosen't have a transducer,are they still available? Thanks Mike
Show details for 01/11/201801/11/2018
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