Simrad SC90

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SC90 Certificates

EnglishMaterial declarations, EC declarations and type approvals3 KB

SC90 Installation

Drawing051344 Blind cover for trunk (w/DWG)79 KB
Drawing204688 Operating Panel dimensions (w/DWG)191 KB
Drawing354259 Display Isic MD24 Outline dimensions (w/DWG)324 KB
Drawing354260 Display Isic MD27 Outline dimensions (w/DWG)328 KB
Drawing385609 Processor Unit (Enix) dimensions (w/DWG)534 KB
Drawing402509 SC90 Installation trunk (w/DWG)251 KB
Drawing402517 Trunk extension for SH90 conversion (w/DWG)241 KB
Drawing403038 SC90 Transducer dock for DN350 (w/DWG)363 KB
Drawing413125 SC90 Hull Unit dimensions (w/DWG)173 KB
Drawing422321 Power Supply Unit, dimensions (w/DWG)149 KB
Drawing422358 Transceiver Unit, dimensions (w/DWG)198 KB
Drawing426919 SC94 Hull Unit dimensions (w/DWG)520 KB
Drawing426920 SC94 Hull Unit on DN500 Gate valve (w/DWG)450 KB
EnglishInstallation manual (A4)39.31 MB
EnglishInstallation manual (A4, LoRes)10.15 MB
EnglishInstallation Manual (CHM)6.45 MB
EnglishInstallation Manual (EPUB)6.5 MB
EnglishInstallation manual (US Ltr)38.89 MB
EnglishInstallation Manual (US Ltr, LoRes)10.06 MB
EspañolManual de Instalación38.45 MB

SC90 Operation

EnglishReference manual (A4)30.33 MB
EnglishReference manual (A4, LoRes)9.19 MB

SC90 Software

EnglishSoftware release note (v2.1.11)141 KB

SC90 Sales

EnglishBrochure, fish finding sonars14.04 MB
EnglishBrochure, fish finding sonars (LoRes)1.96 MB
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