Simrad EK80 Scientific wide band echo sounder

The Simrad EK80 is the most modern "high end" split beam scientific echo sounder in the fishery scientific market.

Based on more than 60 years of research and development in close collaboration with leading marine scientists this wide band echo sounder system has succeeded the famous EK60, which became an international standard for fish stock assessment.

The Simrad EK80 can operate a large number of frequencies simultaneously ranging from 10 to 500 kHz. A wide selection of high quality accurate transducers is available.

The Simrad EK80 uses Microsoft® Windows® operating system. It can operate with single and/or split beam transducers, and provides you with a dedicated built-in application for calibration. The EK80 is specifically suited for permanent installation onboard a research vessel. It is still compact and a natural choice for portable use.

Real time echo integration and target strength analysis in an unlimited number of layers is provided as well as storage of raw data for replay or analysis in one of several post-processing software packages. Several post-processing alternatives are available for rapid survey analysis and reporting.

The echo sounder system is modular, and you can assemble any combinations of transceivers and transducers to fit your research purposes. In a typical configuration, the EK80 will comprise:

  • A display
  • One Processor Unit
  • An Ethernet switch
  • One or more transceiver units
  • One or more single- or split beam transducers

The EK80 can work with the Simrad General Purpose Transceiver (GPT), the Wide Band Transceiver (WBT) and the EK15 Transceiver.

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