Simrad SH90 Fish finding sonar

Transceiver Unit

The SH90 Transceiver Unit is located in the sonar room, close to the Hull Unit.

The transceiver performs the transmission and reception control of the 480 transmitters and 480 receiver channels. 16 identical transceiver boards are used. A dedicated power supply is provided to supply the required DC voltages to the transceiver. One Ethernet cable is used for communication with the Processor Unit in the wheelhouse, and a second Ethernet cable is used to control the hull unit. The third Ethernet cable connects to the Power Supply Unit.


The transducer cables from the hull unit are plugged into the side wall of the Transceiver Unit cabinet using a special plug.

The Transceiver Unit is mounted on the bulkhead using powerful shock absorbers. The connectors for power and interface are located at the bottom of the cabinet.

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