Simrad PI50 Catch monitoring system

Features and functionality

The Simrad PI50 catch monitoring system provides you with an impressive range of operational features and functions. Together they put you in control of the gear.

Trend views

The Trend views are opened by clicking the icon in the top right corner of each Sensor view rectangle. Each trend view comprises a graph. The graph displays the historic development of the information provided by the sensor.

Once opened, each graph is placed on the left side of the screen. If more than one graph is opened, they are placed on top of each other, in the order you open them. The vertical size of each graph is automatically adjusted. The curve provided by the graph uses the same colour that is used to identify the sensor in the Sensor view.

The trend view for a PI Height is shown as an example.

In this example, the PI Height trend view shows the height values recorded by the sensor. The vertical and horizontal scales are easily adjusted, and the history curve has the same colour as used to identify the sensor in the Sensor view.

The small label at the right end of the curve identifies the sensor’s Label ID and the type of sensor.

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