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Simrad PI Sondeur de senne

Simrad PI

Principes d'installation chalut

Place the sensor where you wish to monitor the height. This is normally aft of the headrope at the center of the net.

Ensure that you mount the sensor with the reverse side (D) and the echo sounder transducer (E) pointing towards the bottom! The SIMRAD print on the sensor (C) must point up towards the water surface!

Simrad PI SeineSounder

(A) Rope and snap hooks

(B) Rubber bands and snap hooks

(C) SIMRAD imprint on the sensor must point up!

(D) Reverse side of sensor

(E) Echo sounder transducer must point towards the bottom!

Secure the two forward fastening lugs (A) using two snap hooks and rope. Then, secure the two aft fastening lugs (B) using snap hooks and strong rubber bands. This mounting places the sensor in a cradle supported on all four sides.

In order to secure the sensor in place, we recommend that you assemble a bag of finemeshed net, and ties this to the trawl close to the middle of the headrope. Then, mount the sensor inside this bag. The sensor must be properly secured to prevent it from moving sideways or rotate during use. Make sure that you have best possible free view between the sensor and the bottom, and between the sensor and the vessel.

Important: On trawl applications, use the SHORT key bolt.

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