Simrad PI Geometry

Identification of "Mini-R" responder

The Simrad PI Mini-R is an "S-Type" sensor. It is approximately 250 mm long, 140 mm wide, and weighs approximately 3 kg in air. The "Mini-R" responders must be used in sets of two: 1+3 and 2+4.

Order numbers:

  • Simrad PI "Mini-R" responder 1: 318401
  • Simrad PI "Mini-R" responder 2: 318404
  • Simrad PI "Mini-R" responder 3: 318408
  • Simrad PI "Mini-R" responder 4: 317640

  1. Negative charging and fastening lug
  2. Positive charging and fastening lug
  3. Location of communication link to the PI Geometry sensor
  4. Responder identification (port or starboard)
  5. Location of water switch and sensor identification label

  1. Position identification

    Red colour identifies the port responder, while green colour identifies the starboard responder.

  2. This information identifies the sensor type
  3. Order number as spare part
  4. Water switch

    This is a sacrificial bolt. It will gradually be worn out. Check it from time to time to remove corrosion, or replace it if necessary.

  5. Transducer for communication with the PI Geometry sensor
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