Simrad ES120-7C

How to order

To order this product, or any of the optional items provided with it, contact your local dealer. If you do not have a regular dealer, a list of all our distributors and dealers can be found on this website.

You dealer will also be able to help you with a detailed quotation providing price and delivery information.

Order numbers

Product Order number In the box
Simrad ES120–7C
KSV-204580 Transducer
Stuffing tube
Installation manual
Mounting hardware

Optional items

Product Order number In the box
Clamping ring ES1–203672 Clamping ring
Mounting hardware
Mounting ring ES1-204719 Mounting ring
Arctic tank 310687 Clamping rings
Acoustic window
Stuffing tube
Mounting hardware
Optional items must be ordered separately.
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