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Simrad/Taiyo TGC-200

The TGC-200 GPS Compass provides accurate and stable heading data

Simrad/Taiyo TGC200 Antenna

The TGC-200 antenna

Simrad/Taiyo TGC-200

The TGC-200 control unit

The Simrad/Taiyo TGC-200 offers a built-in rate gyro. This ensures that the data provided by the unit are reliable even when the GPS reception is temporarily lost due to bridges, tall buildings or other obstacles. The TGC-200 gives you 1° rms accuracy, and from the moment you switch it on it will only use two minutes to provide information. Equipped with four RS-232 outputs the TGC-200 is a versatile compass to be used with any other electronic equipment onboard, including Simrad sonars and echo sounders.


These products are available for sales only in the distribution areas served by our sales offices in USA and Spain.

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