Simrad PX Universal Catch monitoring sensor

The Simrad PX Universal is a compact multi purpose wireless catch monitoring sensor. It is designed for use on purse seine nets, but it can also be used on trawl gears.

Simrad PX Universal

The Simrad PX Universal is provided in three different versions:

  • PX Universal
  • PX Universal Depth/Temperature (D/T)
  • PX Universal Catch/Temperature (C/T)

The version is defined by the type of sensor lid. The basic version of the sensor has a neutral lid. It can make the following measurements:

  • Roll and Pitch
  • Height
  • Battery status

The most common version is PX Universal D/T. It is used on seine nets. For this application, the sensor measures the depth and sink rate on the net, as well as the height from the sea bottom to lead line.

In order to receive the information from the sensor you need a suitable receiver (PI or SR Series), one or more hydrophones, as well as a computer running the Simrad TV80 or Simrad PI50 programs.

You can use all our PI Hydrophones. You can even use non-Simrad types, provided that the communication frequency match.

By default, the sensor can make two measurements. To add additional measurements you must buy a dedicated license. The license allows you to make up to five measurements simultaneously.


Charging, maintenance and configuration


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