Scientific post-processing applications


Echoview has become a de facto industry standard post-processing application for hydroacoustic data. It is provided for scientists who need to monitor and understand aquatic environments.


Echoview is the software of choice for a wide range of hydroacoustic data-processing applications, including:

  • Biomass
  • Schools
  • Single targets
  • Seep and plume detection
  • Hydrography and bottom type
  • And more...


Echoview delivers efficiency, accuracy and objectivity in a powerful yet simple-to-use package.



Echoview provides module-based access to an extensive range of powerful and flexible tools and algorithms for:

  • Loading and viewing your data
  • Calibrating your data
  • Removing background noise
  • Detecting and filtering echo traces
  • Classifying echo traces
  • Characterization and exporting your data products
  • Automating your data processing

For more information about Echoview, please visit the their website.

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