Simrad SX90 Fish finding sonar

Hull Units for the SX90 sonar

The Simrad SX90 fish finding sonar can be provided with one of the following hull units.

Simrad SX95 Hull Unit

The Simrad SX95 hull unit is intended for smaller fishing vessels.

It will lower the transducer to 1 meter under the hull. The maximum vessel speed with the transducer lowered is 12 knots.

Simrad SX95

The transducer is lowered and hoisted by means of remote control. A single Ethernet cable connects the Motor Control Unit to the SX90 Transceiver Unit. In case of a power failure, the transducer array can be hoisted manually by means of a hand crank.

  1. Hand crank
  2. Identification label
  3. Hoisting motor
  4. Motor Control Unit
  5. Hoisting unit
  6. Transducer shaft sleeve
  7. Mounting flange
  8. Mounting trunk
  9. Transducer
  10. Transducer cable
  11. Transducer shaft
  12. Air bleeding cock
  13. Zinc anodes
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