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Simrad ES70 (Echosondeur de pêche)

Simrad ES System

Facile d'utilisation

Not only has the development achieved one of the most comprehensive and high performance echo sounders available, the software system is also remarkably easy to use.

Title Bar

The Title Bar is located on the top of the display presentation, and it is stretched from the far left to the far right side.

It allows you quck and easy access to key operations, such as information panes, navigational information and various function buttons.


(A) = Brand and product name identification

(B) = Operation button; Menu on/off

(C) = Operation buttons; Screen Capture (single echogram picture) and Record (raw data recording)

(D) = Icons to open the information panes

(E) = Navigational information (position, speed, heading and current depth)

(F) = Function buttons (Messages, Help and operating system functions)

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