Simrad ME70 Scientific multibeam echo sounder

System description

The Simrad ME70 Scientific multibeam echo sounder comprises the following main units.

  • One Processor Unit (computer)
  • One Transceiver Unit
  • Three Power Supply Units
  • One Transducer

Simrad ME70

  1. Processor Unit
  2. Transceiver Unit
  3. Power Supply Units
  4. Transducer

The Processor Unit comprises a ruggedized maritime computer. It is connected to the ship’s network, and communicates with peripheral post-processing applications.

The Transceiver Unit comprises three transceiver subracks and a network controller. The network controller is a commercial item.

In order to minimize electric noise, the Simrad ME70 uses external linear power supplies. Three external supplies are required to power the Transceiver Unit.

The transducer array is circular with an outer diameter of 677 mm. It contains 800 individual elements.

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