Simrad ME70 Scientific multibeam echo sounder

Key facts

These are the key facts about the Simrad ME70 scientific multibeam echo sounder.

  • The Simrad ME70 operates in the 70 to 120 kHz frequency range.
  • The Simrad ME70 provides an adjustable acoustic fan containing 3 to 45 stabilized beams.
  • All beams can be configured as split beams.
  • Calibration software included.
  • Minimum beam opening is 2° depending on operational frequency and steering.
  • 140° maximum total swath width.
  • The athwartship centre angle of the fan can be adjusted from +45° to -45°.
  • Minimum acquisition depth is less than 1 m below the transducer depending on beam mode configuration.
  • Sidelobe levels and beam interleakage are adjustable from -35 to -70 dB depending on beamwidth and frequency configuration.
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