Simrad PI32 Catch monitoring system

Simrad PI

Echo sounder display

The Simrad PI32 offers an accurate echo sounder. The echo sounder can operate on 50 or 200 kHz, and with two frequencies simultanously. Note that some of the information provided by the echo sounder presentation assumes that you have the relevant peripheral devices connected to your PI32 system.

Simrad PI32

(A) Current sea temperature

(B) Current vessel speed

(C) Current depth

(D) Colour scale: This scale shows how the echoes are presented, The strongest echoes are displayed using the colour on the top of the scale, while the weakest echoes are displayed using the colours at the bottom of the scale.

(E) Depth scale: This scale can be set up change automatically depending on the current depth. Automatic depth scale is identified with the text AUTO at the bottom of the scale.

(F) A-scope presentation

(G) Bottom echo

(H) Single fish echo

(I) Current primary technical parameters. The top line specifies the current operational frequency. The second line specifies the current output power (A means that it is set automatically), and the third line specifies the current pulse length.

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