Simrad SN90 Purse seine and trawling sonar

Hull Unit

When used as a trawling sonar, the Simrad SN90 sonar can be provided with a hull unit. The hull unit allows you to retract the transducer when the SN90 is not in use, and thus protect it against ice and objects in the sea.

Simrad SN90

The hull unit is supplied with 7 m transducer cable.

The transducer is mounted with a fixed 30 degrees tilt.

  1. Hand crank for manual hoisting and lowering
  2. Transducer cable with plug that connects to the Transceiver Unit
  3. Hoist motor
  4. Motor Control Unit
  5. Transducer shaft
  6. Transducer shaft sleeve
  7. Mounting flange
  8. Installation trunk (not a part of the hull unit)
  9. Transducer
  10. When lowered, the transducer is positioned 1.2 meters below the trunk.

When the sonar is switched on, press the Down button on the Operating Panel to lower the transducer into the water. Before the sonar is switched off, press the Up button on the Operating Panel to retract the transducer into the installation trunk for protection. If you forget this, the transducer is hoisted automatically before the sonar is switched off. It is also hoisted automatically if a serious malfunction occurs to the communication between the bridge and the hull unit.

The transducer can also be lowered to any selected middle position. In case of voltage failure, the transducer can be raised or lowered manually by means of a hand crank.

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