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Simrad SH90 Sonar de pêche

Le sonar Simrad SH90 est un sonar de pêche offrant une haute résolution et une haute fréquence.

  • Sonar omnidirectionnel 360°
  • Inclinaison verticale 90°
  • Fréquence opérationnelle, 114 kHz Simrad SH90
  • Faisceau étroit
  • Transmission Chirp FM
  • Large gamme dynamique
  • Haute définition
  • Faisceaux stabilisés
  • Mode double
  • Facile d utilisation
  • Mémorisation et rappel des données
  • Définissez vos propres paramètres utilisateur

In this screen capture from the North Sea you can see that a 10 ton school of tuna has been detected, and that tracking has started. The tracking functionality is vital for the success of the catch. The Simrad SH90 allows you to track the school all the way to the vessel without losing any information. Then, when the seine is set, the skipper has full control, and he is able to maximize the catch.

Note the noise and clutter-free screen. This enables the skipper to focus on the targets, without acting as a "human filter". The Simrad SH90 provides detailed information about school density, speed, depth, heading and size. The high frequency Simrad SH90 is the natural choice as a companion to the Simrad SX90 low frequency sonar.

Simrad SH90

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