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Simrad PI Sondeur de senne

Simrad PI

Affichage numérique

On the PI operator unit you must use two channels to receive the information from the PI SeineSounder. The depth and height values are shown in the numeric display. If the height or depth is increasing or decreasing, this is shown with two arrows and the variation in meters per minute. You can also see the depth and height changes as a function of time in a graphical presentation.

(A) Sensor identification

(B) Unit of measurement

(C) Depth

(D) Depth change/minute

(E) Arrow indicates that the depth is increasing

(F) Visual alarm

(G) Sensor transmission indicator

(H) Interference warning

(I) Height

(J) Height change/minute

(K) Arrows pointing "out" means that the depth is increasing, arrows pointing "in" means that height is decreasing

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