Simrad PI50 Catch monitoring system

Features and functionality

The Simrad PI50 catch monitoring system provides you with an impressive range of operational features and functions. Together they put you in control of the gear.

All information in one view

On the PI50, all information is provided in one view. Set up the system to display the sensor you wish to monitor, and pay no further attention to operation. All information from the sensors are immediately available.

  1. Title Bar

    The Title Bar identifies the logo, and provides navigational information and key buttons buttons. These are used to hide or retrieve the menu system, and to enable basic system functions.

  2. Sensor views

    The sensor views are automatically placed on top of each other. They reflect the sensors you have chosen, and the order you have given the sensors when you defined them.

  3. Trend views

    Each sensor presentation can be expanded into a trend view to show the historic development of the information provided by the sensor.

  4. Main menu

    The menu system is by default located on the right hand side of the presentation. To open any of the sub-menus, click the icons.

  5. Sub-menus

    Three sub-menus may be opened from the icons at the bottom of the main menu.

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