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Kongsberg AIS200

The Kongsberg AIS200 provides you with a compact automatic identification system

The Kongsberg AIS200 consists of a control unit, radio transceiver and an antenna. The control unit has a compact design easy to fit into available space within reach of the mariner, in accordance with the IMO installation guidelines. The transceiver unit can be remotely mounted in an out-of-the-way place. The AIS200 is type approved and complies with international standards for automatic identification systems. It provides vessel position, speed and course over ground as well as static and voyage related information.

AIS 200 Automatic identification system transponder and control unit

The Kongsberg AIS200 can be interfaced to electronic chart displays and radar provided they support the AIS interface. The automatic identification system target information will then be superimposed on the graphic display.

The vessel's primary GPS receiver needs to be interfaced with the AIS and is used as the main positioning source. However, the AIS200 also incorporates an ”all-in-view” GPS receiver which can be used as back up for the primary GPS receiver.


  • Ship name/Call sign/MMSI/IMO number
  • Date and time in UTC time of composition of message
  • Position WGS84; Latitude/Longitude degrees & minutes
  • Course over ground (COG) in degrees
  • Speed over ground (SOG) in knots and 1/10 knots
  • Destination/ETA
  • Actual maximum draught in 1/10 of meters
  • Ship/Cargo (Static and voyage related data)
  • Length/Beams
  • Number of persons on board
  • AIS Message (free) Graphical display of AIS targets
  • LAN

For additional information about this product, refer to the product description on Kongsberg Maritime's web site.


These products are available for sales only in the distribution areas served by our sales offices in USA and Spain.

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