Simrad SN90 Purse seine and trawling sonar


The rectangular SN90 transducer allows the sonar beam to provide the swath coverage of the water volume using electronic tilt.

Simrad SN90

The transducer is rather small. Its face measures 184 x 184 mm, and the total weight (with cables) is approximately 60 kg.

For installation, the transducer is mounted in a metal mounting house, which is placed inside a blister. From this blister, a watertight metal pipe must be designed to reach well above the water line. The transducer cables penetrate through the rear side of the mounting house, and must be pulled through this pipe.

As an option for trawling use, you can install it using a hull unit. That allows you to retract the transducer for protection when the SN90 is not in use.

Note: The red protective coating is an vital part of the transducer. It is very important that neither this coating nor the internal parts of the transducer are damaged during the handling, installation or cleaning. Any holes and/or scratches in the transducer surface will allow water to penetrate the transducer. If a leak occurs, the transducer must be replaced.

The transducer must always be handled as a delicate item. Wrongful actions may damage the transducer beyond repair. Observe these transducer handling rules:

  • Do not activate the transducer when it is out of the water.
  • Do not lift the transducer by the cables.
  • Do not step on the transducer cables.
  • Do not damage the transducer cables, avoid sharp objects.
  • Do not handle the transducer roughly, avoid impacts.
  • Do not expose the transducer to direct sunlight or excessive heat.
  • Do not use high pressure water, sand blasting, metal tools or strong solvents to clean the transducer face.
  • Do not damage the outer protective skin on the transducer.
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