Simrad SN90 Purse seine and trawling sonar

Determining the location the transducer

A single answer to the question “where to install the transducer” cannot be given.

The physical location of the transducer depends on the vessel's design and construction, how the hull is shaped, and how the water runs along the hull. There are however a number of important guidelines, and some of these are even conflicting.

The information here must be considered as general advice. Each transducer installation must be handled separately depending on the hull design.


Avoid protruding objects

Objects protruding from the hull, such as zinc anodes, sonar transducers or even the vessel's keel, generate turbulence and flow noise. Holes and pipe outlets are also important noise sources. They may act as resonant cavities amplifying the flow noise at certain frequencies.

Do not place a transducer in the vicinity of such objects, and especially not close behind them. For the same reason, it is very important that the hull area around the transducer face is as smooth and level as possible. Even traces of sealing compound, sharp edges, protruding bolts or bolt holes without filling compound will create noise.

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