Simrad SP90

Simrad SP90 Fish Finding Sonar

Hull unit

The Simrad SP90 sonar can be provided with one of the following hull units:

  • SP92 with 1.2 m stroke length
  • SP93 with 1.6 m stroke length
Simrad SP90 Fish Finding Sonar

The SP92 is the standard hull unit supplied with the Simrad SP90 sonar. It will lower the transducer array 1.2 meters below the hull. With the transducer in this position, the vessel's maximum speed is limited to 25 knots. In case of a power failure, the transducer array can be hoisted manually by means of a hand crank.

Alternatively, the SP93 hull unit may be supplied. This hull unit has 1.6 m stroke length, and it is designed for maximum speed 20 knots.

Outline dimension drawings

The outline dimension drawings for the Simrad SP92 and SP93 hull units are included with the installation documents. These may be downloaded in PDF and DWG formats.

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