Simrad EK60 Scientific echo sounder

Simrad EK60

The Simrad EK60 is a scientific echo sounder. It is the ‘de facto’ world standard system for fishery research applications.

The Simrad EK60 is the most modern scientific echo sounder in the market. Based on more than 50 years of research and development in close collaboration with leading marine scientists this echo sounder system has become an international standard for fish stock assessment.

  • High dynamic range
  • Raw data recording
  • Low self noise
  • High ping rate
  • Multi frequency application for species identification
  • Simultaneous transmission of all frequencies
  • Several frequencies covering same sampling volume
  • Remote control
  • Store and reload personal settings
  • Data server interface for raw data recording

The Simrad EK60 can operate seven echo sounder frequencies simultaneously ranging from 18 to 710 kHz. A wide selection of high quality accurate transducers is available.

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The screen capture below shows a typical configuration with the Simrad EK60 set up with three different frequencies.

Simrad EK60

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